Headquartered in Los Angeles and New York, Gentleman Scholar is one of the most valuable and innovative production companies in the field of Computer Graphic.

Founded in 2010, in a few years it has reached a considerable size, counting almost 80 employees and freelancers.

The founding partners are William Campbell and Will Johnson who wanted to give this studio of multimedia production an avant-garde style to all the sectors in which the Gentleman Scholar operates.

Specifically the studio deals with design, production, illustration and manages live action, animation and VFX for music videos, commercials and interactive content.

The study is also particularly active in the discovery and production of “special” projects that include the future of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology.

Gentleman Scholar are therefore constantly looking for innovation, in order to give the viewer that sense of wonder and amazement of those who, for the first time, enjoy the taste of discovery. Among their major customers are Toyota, Chevrolet, National Geographic and AT&T.

In short, this is a study in which particularity and originality are the basis on which everything is created, where the limits of creativity and technology are overcome to give users a unique experience that is rare.

Gentleman Scholar