When art becomes the very essence of a person, at the end they will always be together regardless of the differences between the two.

Giada story proves that although her interest in drawing was clear since childhood, it was only as an adult that  she dived deep into  in her world: a world of comics and illustration.

And she did that so much that every work is pure expression of her being.

After studying at the Roman School of Comics, she started working for Disney, where she became this extraordinary artist who creates stories and covers for both Witch and Mickey Mouse.

Giada has also inherited from Giorgio Cavazzano the burden and the honor of designing one of the most iconic and beloved comic characters: Reginella!

Her natural approach to the tablet/board, whether traditional or digital, leads us to believe that her pencil is just a natural extension of her hand.

Giada collaborates, as a layout artist, also with Disney America and thanks to her passion, even today people can dream through her stories!

Giada Perissinotto