One of the latest successes at Disney‘s box office is the animated film “The Beauty and the Beast”, a remake of the original film made with the avant-garde techniques of the era where we live.

A story that we all know, a story full of drama and at the same time comedy that enlivens the evenings of adults and children and is able to catapult the viewer into another dimension, in a fantasy world and at the same time real, a place that does not exist but at the same time envelops us and involves us.

Everything was created to bewitch the eyes … the castle rooms, the streets of the village and the snow-covered woods, not to mention the magnificent animated creatures that live in the castle. This premise to tell the magnificent visual effects made by a fantastic team, of which the extraordinary artist Gianluca Fratellini has been part of.

Oh yes, an artist who has made the journey in the world of computer graphics, and more … .Gianluca was born 37 years ago in a southern Italian country in the magnificent region of Puglia. He began to take an interest in graphics as a teenager, thanks to the possibility of using industrial graphics programs in his father’s studio.

Appearing more and more to this world, he began his self-taught training, constantly acquiring knowledge and techniques thanks to continuous updating. And this is a characteristic feature of this digital artist, promoter of the perseverance in the study necessary to obtain high quality levels. After completing his studies, he moved to Luxembourg where he was contacted by “Oniria Pictures”, who was impressed by his personal work on the web. He tried to hire him as a 3D animator for the realization of an animated film titled “Tristan and Iseut”.

This is the turning point, thanks to this opportunity Gianluca transforms his great passion into a profession that will give him great satisfaction over time.

In these years he has made his first short film “Life in smoke”, putting his creativity and his mastery at the service of social utility. After the Luxemburg experience, Gianluca offers his skills in 3D animation for videogames, becoming 3D Senior Animator and Supervisor Layout at Ubisoft. Here he collaborates in the creation of videogames such as “Prince of Persia” and “Far Cry” and becoming also a 3D animation teacher in the Company Campus. Also closed this parenthesis at Ubisoft, Gianluca launches into the adventure of animated feature films.

In 2006 he realizes one of the most beloved characters of the animation, Mumble of “Happy feet”, a film that the following year will win the Oscar in its category. Followed by collaborations for the famous animated films “Hotel Transilvania”, “Rio 2”, the aforementioned “The Beauty and the beast”, where he took care of the realization of some scenes, including the very famous scene “stay with us” and others starring Lumière, Tockins and Spolverina, and the second chapter of “The Guardians of the Galaxy”.

A young artist who has come a long way and should be an inspiration for those who want to make a real profession of this passion for computer graphics.

Gianluca Fratellini