This creative studio is one of the best reality in the industry of VFX and digital art in general. Founded ten years ago in Seoul, South Korea, Giantstep has today reached a quality of services offered above average, making it the world leader in post-production for film, advertising, music videos and television.

The productions made in this studio satisfy every kind of request, thanks to the easy and tested creative process through which the visual images are designed, researched, planned and finally realized.

The artists involved in this process are distinguished not only by their technical preparation and experience, but by an exceptional creative ability that makes them leaders in the development of innovative ideas.

Specializing in CG, VFX, Animation and Motion Graphic, Giantstep has also increased its areas of interest by embracing new fields such as interactive design and virtual reality.

One of the latest achievements of the team of this study was the production of opening titles OFF 2018, one of the main creative events in Europe held every year in Barcelona and where talents from all over the world meet to spend three days immersed in their passion.

In short, a creative studio where everything becomes possible!

Giantstep Creative Studio