Gilberto is a Mexican freelance artist who has several years of experience in the field of computer graphics and can boast collaborations with some of the world’s largest and most recognized production companies.

He has also collaborated with Marvel as freelance digital sculptor, Warner Bros Entertainment and Disney, where Soren has worked as a Concept Artist / Illustrator.

He currently collaborates with Blur Studio, a company specializing in the animation production of  3D characters, motion design and visual effects for television, feature films and advertising.

Based in California Blur Studio has collaborated in creating some of the “Avatar” scene and has created trailer for “Star Wars: The Old Republic” and “The Force Unleashed II”.

Soren is undoubtedly a great artist, his skills in 3D sculpture are truly out of the ordinary, his illustrations and concepts give us great emotions, the hyperealism brought to extremes that inspires the consistency of his characters.

Gilberto “Soren” Zaragoza