Giovanni is a 3D artist who has traditional skills, a hobby that he got since his childhood.

He frequents the art institute of Valle D’Aosta and he realizes that art would have been his greatest passion and his job.

At school, in addition of drawing and painting, he also modeling in clay, diving into the three dimensions. The next step was a must, 3D Art.

He is still working as freelance in Valle d’Aosta, collaborating on-line, remotely, with various production teams such as Ditroit, Studio Guffaw etc … and his collaborators are Samuel Giudice and Fabrizio Falcomatà.

Giovanni directs “Darkslide” as co -founder, their production team specializing in Illustrations and Advertising, which exploits the union of photography, 3D and postproduction.

At age 28, John has five years of work experience, he has been working on various projects in 3D: Miniature Sculpting, Toys, Videogames, Commercials, Illustrations, Advertising and Prototyping.

He  believe to be among the luckiest people in the world, because few people can work with what they really love! 😉

Giovanni Mauro