Glen Johnston is a freelance 3D Generalist.

Grown up on the borders of Scotland, in a tiny little seaside village with terrible Internet connection, he decided to move to Glasgow in 2014 to launch his career in animation.

There he started a college course, but soon he realized it wasn’t meant to provide him with the skills he wanted, so he left.

Instead, he managed to land an internship in a small animation studio, Touzie Tyke, where he went on to work for three years.

There he got his start in the industry, tried his hand at games development and also created a noteworthy short film called Lockbox.

In 2018 he decided to start his own animation studio, Ammonite.

Glen is also the founder, together with programmer Gabriele Maddaloni, and Lead Artist of Deep Fried Games, an independent VR games studio also based in Glasgow.

Glen Johnston