Goro is a brilliant and up-to-date visual artist, perhaps one of the most versatile and stimulating talents in the industry of digital illustration in recent years, as well as a pioneer of VR. Japanese by birth but German by adoption Goro, just finished attending high school, founded Quaintix, a software development and programming company.

In 2002 he decided to concentrate his studies on 3D, starting attending the German Film School and graduating a few years later. In this period he developed a passion for digital painting, starting to make digital paintings daily.

The first work experiences after graduation were important; consolidates its skills working as a freelance Character Animator and as Visual Development Artist for many Studios.

In 2008 he arrived at DreamWorks Animation, one of the most famous film studios specialized in both traditional and CG animation, where he remained for seven years. In this period he has the privilege of contributing to the realization of big animation projects like Megamind, Madagascar 3 and Kung-Fu Panda 2 and in parallel he realizes hundreds of speed painting, thanks to which he becomes well known in the industry.

After the magical experience with DreamWorks Animation Goro arrives at the Oculus Story Studio, an animated film studio of virtual reality (VR) born with the aim of promoting and being an inspiration for the ever-growing community of VR cinema enthusiasts.

Here he actively collaborates in the making of “Henry”, an original short-filmed original VR winner as the best original interactive program and “Cara Angelica”, presented at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival and entirely animated by Oculus Quill Oculus Quilla VR drawing and sculpture application.

And from the VR experience, Goro will never come back. He has in fact created a real virtual art community to highlight the wonders that VR is able to do; in particular there are three groups on facebook divided by category: virtual painting, virtual sculpting and virtual animation.

There is something very special about this artist, his creations are recognizable by his elegant and substantial features that are able to tell endless stories that only few would be able to illustrate with this poem.

Goro Fujita