Definitely one of the most celebrated contemporary digital artists, Greg Staples created over the years many world-famous illustrations, especially for the worlds of comics and traditional gaming.

Born in Sheffield, Great Britain, when he wasn’t even 20 years old yet, he was hired as a cartoonist for Judge Dredd, a successful series published on British magazine 2000 AD, which later kicked off several projects for cinema, tv and videogame industry (how can we forget the movie Judge Dredd, starring Sylvester Stallone in his heyday).

Specialized in the fantasy genre, he achieved a remarkable success in the United States as well, thanks to the creation of several illustrations for Magic the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons.

Greg is mainly a comics artist, but he is also active in the worlds of videogames, cinema and visual art generally.

In fact, he contributed as a concept artist to the videogame Dead Island 2, to blockbuster movies such as Solomon Kane and the more recent Hellboy, and to the production of music videos for bands such as Muse.

A few years ago he created his own book Judge Dredd: Dark Justice, which marked a return to his origins.

Greg Staples