The talent we are going to present today is a very good digital 3D Artist from the Far East.

Guan Yang, born and raised in Shanghai, is a character with innate artistic talents.

Choosing as a professional sector that of 3D, Guang has demonstrated his high capacity for modeling and digital sculpture, delighting in the creation of scenes and characters more or less famous that highlight the good technique and creativity of the artist.

An example is Fight in the dark, a 3D scene in which Guang makes a snapshot of a boxing match that led him to be the 3D artist most voted by the CGSociety community in 2011.

In this project the artist has tried to represent (succeeding to the great we would say ?) a feeling, the mood of those athletes who struggling with tenacity to achieve victory.

Guang has taken care of every detail in a superb way, from scars and signs of struggle on the face to the soles of shoes. And not only that, he managed to capture the facial expressions of each individual character so as to perfectly render the personality of each of them. The tools used were Zbrush, 3ds Max and Mentalray.

He also created some models and renderings for Gameloft Captain America: The Winter Soldier, a game for mobile devices, as well as being delighted in the rather realistic, representation of one of the most loved and known stars in world cinema: Brad Pitt.

Good vision!

Captain America

Brad Pitt

Guang Yang