Guillermo is an Argentinian digital artist who has been active for years in the world of illustration, animation, storyboarding and digital retouching, with a particular propensity for Character Design.

Together with Juan Pablo Figueroa, in 2005, he founded Ilusionario, an illustration and animation studio active especially in the world of advertising and videogames.

The work of Guillermo is intriguing and stimulating, its purpose is not only to create images and animations as an end in itself, but rather to insert them in the production process where the communication of the original concept is the cornerstone element.

In the development of the Studio’s projects, he realizes graphic solutions and visual styles in order to make them interesting not only from the technical point of view but also from the creative point of view.

Guillermo tackles each project as a new challenge to be faced and resolved in the most engaging way possible.

Among the tools where Guillermo loves to work, obviously the Adobe suite (Photoshop, Illustrator Flash and After Effects) is the first.

His works are pleasant, fun and absolutely pleasant, you just have to watch them 😉

Guillermo Casas