Born in Iran, Hossein Diba is a Digital Artist specialized in character realization for games, animation movies and 3D prints.

Since childhood, he has always loved painting and, as he watched the first movie of the Jurassic Park saga, he began imagining his future as a modeler.

At the time, computer graphics were quickly evolving and Hossein especially focused on discovering 3D and its countless opportunities.

His strong passion drove him to practice for years, becoming a specialist in modeling, sculpture, texturing and shading of both characters and fantastic creatures.

Alongside his passion for computer graphics and 3D, Hossein has also developed a deep knowledge of human and animal anatomy, which further contributes to the exceptional concepting and rendering he shows in his works.

His artistic inspiration comes both from traditional artists, such as Rembrant whom he admires for his portraits’ lighting technique, and from digital artists such as Rafael Grasseti, Luc Begin and Michael Knowland.

Hossein has both worked as a freelancer and as a team member on titles such as Royal Rumble 2016, Evolve, Atom Universe and Fallout New Vegas

Hossein Diba