3D Character Artist, Ian Spriggs grew up a passion for portraits before even developing a clear vision of his professional future.

In love with art history ever since he was a child, he was inspired by great artists such as Vermeer, Caravaggio and Rembrandt who, according to Ian, had the gift to portray in a deeply intense way the emotions of their portraits’ subjects.

The works by these artistic geniuses inspired him so much that he focused all of his artistic talent into portrait painting.

He has a distinctive way of working: to paint his portraits he always uses photographs of real subjects as a reference.

These photographs portray the subjects in different looks, positions and expressions, under an ever-changing light, so that the artist is able to build the exact image he wants to create.

Obsessive and almost maniacal for his attention to details, Ian leaves nothing to chance: each one of his images has to be perfectly balanced, everything needs to be realized in detail, from the eyelashes thickness to the pupil size, from the depth of wrinkles to the effect of gravity on the subject’s body, also using softwares such as Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop and VRay for rendering.

His techniques mixes old and new, and enables Ian to paint very realistic portraits, which leave the viewer speechless.

Ian Spriggs