Passion for  illustrations, challenges and determination are some of the reasons behind the completion of Age of Pantheon.

This team of Concept Artists created an art book which combines  several gods from the past and some of the most popular mythological characters.

Mauro Alocci, Roman Kuteynikov, Giorgio Falconi,  Daniele Di Parma, together with Federica Costantini, Gianluca Rolli and Suwan Cancedda are the Artists who design this extraordinary project.

An epic art book that represents divinities in a redefined and original way.  

Age of Pantheons will be part of Lucca Comics, presso lo stand della Genius Academybooth.

You will be able to find copies of the art book as well as the Artists behind the project.

That being said, enjoy the show!

Age of Pantheons – Tequila Brush Studio