Interview with

Andrea Tentori Montalto

Visual Artist/Illustrator

Welcome Andrea, thanks for your availability 😉


1. Tell us your story. What made you conscious of wanting to be an illustrator?

First of all, thank you for the interview.
It has been a gradual transition, starting drawing on school desks and then becoming an illustrator, eheheh. Actually spending many hours drawing brought me to think about doing this activity as a job, even if at first I wanted to do comics.
Unfortunately, I am too meticulous about details and performance so I decided to dedicate myself to something more in line with my actitude.

Andrea Tentori Montalto


2. Can you explain us the difference between illustration and concept art?

An illustration is an end in itself, while a concept is created in order to be used into the starting phase of a productive process (movies, games, etc…)
Even the approach is different: concept art often uses pictures or raw images because the idea is to show more possible ideas in less possible time.

3. Talking about concept art, in how many sectors is it present/can be spendable in Italy?

As I told you, its main use is principally into videogames and cinema, sectors in which there is the necessity to create something that didn’t exist before.
Concept are also used into miniatures, for example.

4. You describe yourself as an illustrator, colorist, cartoonist, coverist…Which of these is your peculiarity and which of them allows you to express your creativity the best?

I have tried to range and use the best my competences indeed (for example, I fully use my knowledges about comics to work as a storyboard artist for advertising).
I describe myself as a Visual Artist because actually I can’t put myself into just only one of these categories, but if I had to choice, I would feel the best being an illustrator, because I have a lot of fun detailing images.

5. You boast collaborations with some of the most famous publishing houses. What is the most important work you did in your career?

Definitely the most important project has been the cover of Dragonero’s novel for Mondadori in collaboration with Bonelli.
A very important work full of responsability because of the success of Vietti and Enoch’s comic.

6. What is your workflow during the realization of a project?

It depends of the project, because the approach can be different.
Usually I start from a sketch, if I already have the idea of what I want  to do.
Otherwise I go through with thumbnails (small, quite raw previews done in black and white with no drawing), I choose the one I prefer and I realize a line sketch on it.
The second step is finishing the draw, fixing the raw ideas of the first sketch and working more on details.
The third phase is the coloring, usually preceded from a first study of lights in chiaroscuro.
Dividing the process into different parts is the most logical way to approach to an image, dividing it into simplier problems, and it is also functional because it divedes the work into phases that the customers can approve step by step.

7. You also work as a teacher at Genius Academy. Do you see differences comparing yourself as a student with the young people of today?

Well, at my times…
Just kidding, actually I think the difference is not between old and new students, the difference is in the world today students are surrounded by.
Nowadays is easier finding courses, tutorials, online lessons that let you acquire knowledge and materials  in a very cheap way or even without paying. And there are much more schools dedicated to digital world (I had to learn everything by myself, for example).
Even tools to work on digital stuffs are becoming more and more clear and economically affordable. So, in the end their path is a little bit easier but it always need a lot of dedication and passion.

Thank you so much for the time you spent with us, good luck for the future!