Interview with

Carmine Napolitano

3D Modeler

Hello Carmine and welcome 😉


1. Tell us about your journey to the Computer Graphics

So my story begins 10 years ago, at the time I had just left the university, after just 4 months and a given exam (analysis 1).
I was in desperate search for some kind of school that could form a willing boy who knew nothing about either graphic or 3D.
A little lost, I decided to enroll at Ilas, Naples, the only school at the time to offer this type of training.
So the first year I attended the course of graphics and marketing communication (since I did not even know what photoshop was) and the second year the course of 3D graphics, where I was lucky to have Giuseppe Improta as a teacher.
After my training in reality it took 7 years to start working in the videogames field (my real goal), because as soon as I finished my first year I immediately found a job as a graphic designer.
Economic stability has led me away from my dream, binding it to a simple passion. In those years I did everything.

Carmine Napolitano


For 3 years I worked as a graphic designer in a pet food company, where I designed their brochures and their packages. Then I helped a friend with his startup of services related to the world of wellness and health and here by necessity I have “evolved” into web designers (learning languages ​​like php, html5, css and javascript).
Then something broke. The 3d was always there, every night, even after 12 hours of work, I was at my desk until 3 am to study and model; then the decision. I leave everything and I seriously try.
Where to start? I did not have a portfolio and what I produced in the evening was not qualitatively enough to introduce myself to a recruiter, so I decided to be a freelancer, the time to prepare my showreel and at the same time be able to keep myself economically. It took me 6 months.
I introduce myself to Milestone, the largest video game company in Italy (I told myself if I have to try, I’ll try it) and the rest is my present.

2. You are a 3D Modeler, specialized in Hard Surface, what do you like most about this sector?

I love 3D in general, especially the hard surface because I go crazy for everything that is mechanical (perhaps because my father, as a good aeronautical engineer, he transmitted this passion to me).
But the thing that I love most in 3D is the possibility of making the impossible real.
We live in an era where computer graphics can faithfully reproduce reality, so the only limit is human imagination.
3D gives you the opportunity to share dreams.

3. You worked as a freelancer, can you tell us a little about this experience? What are the pros and cons especially in a country like Italy, where emerging is not really easy.

It is not easy to tell, I will try to be very schematic.
– You have plenty of time available for you …
– If you’re good, you do the price.
– Italy
– … but when you have a deadline, you can not get up and say I’ll finish it tomorrow.
– the income is not always regular (unless it provides a regular service to one or more customers)
– Italy
I wrote Italy both in the pros and cons because our country is an extraordinary gym, if you can survive with all the difficulties that arise every day accumulate experience and problem solving skills that any employer appreciates, on the other hand is that certain problems that there are in the bel paese actually exist only for us.
Finally, three tips that I can give to those who have chosen the life of the freelecer.

1. Never sell out, but get the right to get paid. The customer will always say that there is the grandson of his grandmother’s, aunt’s cousin who with 30 thousand lira does it better … but if he is a serious customer, he knows that for a job well done he has to pay.
2. Choose customers well. A bad customer is always good to lose .
3. Always take care of your portfolio. Often with customers we have to compromise, their concept of beauty is often light years away from yours. So if the jobs you bring home do not satisfy you, it is useful to make their own (even inventing the orders), so that you can build an attractive window for even more serious customers, who just look for your style.

4. Currently you work for Milestone one of the most important game houses in Italy. What is your role in the team?

I joined Milestone as a mere Junior Vehicle Artist, and now I approach Lead 3D Artist after almost 3 years. My job is to supervise the team artist in the production of vehicles and video game environments. The last project I’ve worked on is called Gravel. It is out at the end of February on Ps4, Pc and Xbox One

5. What are the main difficulties encountered during the creation of a video game?

Developing a videogame is a very long process, made up of many phases where every day there is a problem to solve that is artistic, design or programming.
A good game is: fun, good to see and very fluid.
The greatest difficulty is finding the right balance between these elements because, unlike cinema, in the world of video games you have to submit to the technical limitations of the various platforms.

6. Can you tell us how the idea for the Fly Fiat 1500 project started?

Fly Fiat 1500 starts when.. “I throw everything in the air and I try”! I needed a serious job, a workhorse to insert in my showreel and to present to a possible recruiter.
So sifting on the now dead CGHub, I found this concept of Alejandro Burdisio and I was so fascinated that I tolld myself that I absolutely need to realize. It came out in a month.

7. How do you see the future in the videogames industry? Will you join it?

The world of videogames is in full swing.
It’s a growing industry, but that relatively soon it will not be like we’re used to imagining it.
The turnover of the gaming industry ,since 2015, has surpassed cinema and music and does not seem to stop its growth.
I am convinced that we will see some good, not only thanks to VR and AR increases, but also to the exponential increase in computing power of the CPU and GPU vare, we will have leaps forward with artificial intelligences.
It is not absurd to think that in 4-5 years we could compete against an AI that really learns our driving style and adapts accordingly to us giving new levels of entertainment. In addition we will have an increasingly realistic graphics where the difference with the film will become increasingly narrow.
So to the question “will I be a part of?”
I answer: I really hope so!


Thanks Carmine for your precious time, and we wish you the best for your present and future projects;)