1.  When and how did you start to see you as an artist?

When I started using Photoshop 6.0 in 2003 on a daily basis, not because I needed it, but for fun. I built little user icons for people and started making winamp skins. There was no “I am an artist now” though, but it felt more like a profession and not like I was just slacking around all day.

2.  What was your first job in digital art?

This depends on what you see as digital art…. I usually do quite boring stuff for a living, but the thing that comes to mind first was this really ugly interface design I could sell for a few hundred bucks. Good money for a teenager.

3. Why did you decide to specialize in environmental design?

It was the most funny thing and I always had problems with characters… they need a lot of work to not look too janky and everytime I tried, I couldn’t make it work the way I wanted. But I found ways to cheat.

Cornelius Dämmrich

4. What is digital art for you?

The creation and presentation of an artwork in a digital environment. All my work is made with digital tools and usually presented only digital, which makes it digital art.

5. Who are your favorite artists and who inspires you?

That changes a lot. When I work on something, I usually have some artist that inspires me and this can change between projects. With 52hz it was Jeremy Geddes and Todd Hido. One of the all time favorites is Ashley Wood.

6.  Tell us about the creative process. What moment do you prefer during the workflow?

I collect images like photographs, art pieces, moods, etc and construct the idea of an artwork from them. Then I just block the scene out and work away on it…. The most fun part is usually when I “discover” something or when I achieve something that looks good and wasn’t much effort…. It get’s really daunting when I can’t make it look right after a few days.

7. What really matters in your work?

Information. I usually make images that describe themself… they are all big and hard to make, and at the same time, that’s what they’re about. I guess.

8.  In your opinion how will evolve the digital art?

I’m not sure about this. I have a few friends that work in contemporary art and they say it will be bigger and more important. I say, it will become easier to create great stuff, because the tools get better every year. When I compare what I worked with 10 years ago and what I can do now, the future looks great.

9.  Some tips for the artists who wish to pursue your own profession

Do what you like. Don’t stress yourself with stuff that you hate doing and don’t let them rip you off.  😉

Intervista a Cornelius Dämmrich 3D artist