1.  Hello Emiliano! Tell us about you.

I am a 40 years old “boy” who loves his job 🙂 . Since I was in my youth I have always had a deep attraction for the artistic disciplines and when I was in primary school it was already clear, I had a need to find my own dimension in visual arts.

2.  What was your approach to the computer graphics ?

The very first approach, although analogical, was with my little friend from childhood (Ciao Igor!). I remember drawing on arithmatic excersice books and he had to transform the coordinates in sprite for an illusionary video game that we had in mind, we are talking about prehistoric stuff on comodore 64 🙂


3. What was your training?

All I know about my work is the outcome of personal research and from years of shared experiences with my collegues. Unfortunaltely during that period the only way to learn a software was to open it and break your head on it till your nose was bleeding. Today it is far more simple to learn a software thanks to the net and thanks to tutorials which start to become interesting on the italian market.

Emiliano Colantoni


4. How do you find the inspiration for your creations?

I observe a lot, work done by other artists and things that happen to me during the day, and often inspiration arrives while I am having a walk. That for me is a special moment where my brain collects all the input that it has registered in the past days and connects these to bring out something new.

5.  With your colleagues you founded The Shift, a vfx and 3D society. Tell us about it.

In 2007, together with three collegues (Silvia Stellabotte, Marco Stellabotte and Gianfranco Sgura), we founded The Shift.

The idea was born when partecipating in a contest organized by CGChannel portal. Since that moment we collaborated with various tv networks present on the national panorama. Today the collective is managed by me and Silvia, Marco has taken a new professional adventure and Gianfranco keeps the name of italians high as a compositor in WETA digital.

6. You had a big satisfaction with The Shift. You won the 1° prize CGChallenge with “Inspection”. What did represent this experience for you?

Inspection is one of the first productions that we gave birth to during these 10 years. It was incredibly rewarding to produce, it is one of those projects where, using a famous sentence, “we threw our heart over the hedge”. Discovering that your work has been recognized gave us indescribable sensations.

7. What are the most important change about 3D and Vfx world in the last 10 years?

From software and hardware point of view we had some improvements: today, for example, there are some out of the box instruments which facilitate obtaining the results you wanted. On the other hand, the requested level is higher, therefore the issues are more or less the same!

8.  What do you think about 3D and Vfx in Italy?

I’m really not too much into the current italian cinema panorama but I bet that the most asked for Vfx are the same old cleanup, explosions and set extension 🙂
I can say that in 2014 I participated at a really interesting project concerning SCI-FI type, made in Italy. INDEX ZERO directed by Lorenzo Sportiello, is a little jewel of its kind, and it is a real pity that it has never been distributed. He should make the umpteenth petition on Change.org to force them to distribute it because it really deserves it.

9. What is your creation that makes you most proud?

I don’t have one in particular, I am proud of all those jobs where I realize to have made a step forward in my artistic path and, I can assure you, it doesn’t happen often!

10. Are you satisfied?

Yes and no. Yes because I love what I do and No because I often think I could do better and this forces me to go over my limits in some way.

11. What would you say to young people who want to do your job?

I advise them to study and experiment a lot, looking for comparison with the outside world. It is important to understand how your work is perceived through other people’s eyes, you can see your strengths and your faults. The y also have to know that if they want to stay in Italy to do this job, it won’t be at easy, and out of our borders this type of job is much more respected than here.