Hello Francesco thank you to be with us! let’s talk about you and your work.


1. Your first experiences with digital retouching programs date back when you were 14 years old. What was the trigger that pushed you towards this area?

I’ve always been passionate about design. The high school that I chose  was about computer expert, and now I draw with computer! Than passion became stronger thanks to computer graphics magazines where I started experimenting with the first techniques. When I was a child I thought that everything was done in Paint!

2.  What was your first real working experience in digital art?

My first  work experience  was In  1999 building a website, but now I don’t have it any more.

Francesco Marzoli



3. Tell us how you got to this point with your job.

There were two important moments in my life, at 23 years,  the opening of my first communication agency, which allowed me to know more about business dynamics and clients management. The other was the opening of my youtube channel in 2009. Back then nobody in Italy used to make  photoshop tutorial in italian. So probably I was the first that’s why people know about me 🙂

4. Was it difficult for you to be affirmed in this field?

Everything was smoothly, it was not particularly difficult, even though there were hard moments to deal with! If you love what you do, the difficulties are less. I always think to do what makes me happy.

5.  What are you trying to communicate through your work?

The thing is to try to understand what the client really wants to communicate, and then do the best. In my personal work, I always try to accomplish something that has to do with  movies that I really love.

6. What is your relationship and experience with other artists in your industry?

It’s simple, I always feel defective, and when I see a cool job I think,  Oh my God it’s so cool, I’ll never be as good as he is! But this leads me to experiment and study a lot, both at  a technical level and artistic as well.

7. Do you have a work that you are particularly tied to?

Not particularly, today we see beautiful works everywhere, I try to save everything from a vibration, a photograph, a spot, a movie scene, a poster.
Anyway  I can identify a category I always refer to: Art related to advertising or entertainment.

8. Witch  artists have inspired you the most?

If I have to choose I really love Gregory Crewdson and Erwin Olaf as photographers.

9. You are young and already your agenda is full of commitments. How can you handle everything?

It’s simple, I don’t handle it! Ahahah I’m a disaster when I try to organized my stuff. I have tried thousands of project management tools but I have failed miserably. The good and old ICal works very good!

10. what are your planes for the future?

I’m going to launch a startup about digital training in Italian language. I know that our country needs to communicate very strongly our artistic skills also in the digital world. There are too many English courses that unfortunately can not be fully understood by Italians, and I want to fill this gap by offering them quality content in Italian.


11.  According to your experience, do you think Italy is the right choice for those who want to take on the profession of digital artist?

Well, this question is perfect and I can re-connect to the previus one. Unfortunately today, my point of view as a digital artist is that Italy is really bad. I would like to see an Italian Renaissance from a digital point of view, but the companies are few. It would be great to have poles of digital art in all sectors from the web  to VFX. These “creative” sectors are completely declassified. If you really want to accomplish something, you must learn good skills and then go away 🙂

12. You are a very influential public figure in your industry. Do you want to give some advice to those who want to follow your career?

Study English, study technique but not too much, build a good artistic portfolio, and go away 🙂 The happiest colleagues that I know  are those who are working abroad.


We thank you again for being with us and wish you the best for your future projects.

Thank you!!