Interview with

Giorgia Lanza

Concept artist e Colorist

Hello Giorgia and welcome to our site ūüôā

Thank you gays, honered to be here!


1.¬†¬†Let’s start Giorgia, what does it means for you to be an artist?

At this question, the remembrance of that relative that every Christmas dinner repeated me “Art does not give you food, the artist dies of hunger”.
Being an artist means work hard, working for days in a row without ever sleeping, not having holidays or free weekend … but it also means being entrepreneurs of myself, not relying on anyone but be enthusiast.
I hate companies that hired you and then make you feel like, you are not good enough to claim an increase. I will not exchang my dignity with anything else in the world.

Giorgia Lanza


2. Why did you attend the Comics International School? Your education before was different..

Always remembering that relative, during  teenage time I tried to set aside my passion to look for some more conventional job interest.
That is why I attended Scientific  High school. I was in love with chemistry and psychology, both unfortunately fascinating only in theory but not in working practice (all of this according to my mind, of course).
At one point I just had to give up.
What do I like to do? Draw.
What would I do? Draw.

3. How much is important having a relation with other people of this industry?

Many times is very important, in others no really.
Making public relations is the basic for any job, the more people you know the more opportunities you have.
On the other hand, however, it is your skills to speak. Most often this is a work like hermits, but when you have to work in a team, you should know how to talk and approach to others is fundamental

4. You are a concept artist, illustrator and colorist. But what is your best suit?

Color. I had a lot from my comics professor who, curious about my acerbic chromatic sensitivity, had the courage to push me along this journey, offering me to work really hard on a project.
Since then color has become my life and my strength. Walking with me means preventing absurd talks about the true color of the tree’s trunk there, the sky, the stained spot on that guy’s shirt and so on.

5.¬†What’s your workflow?

Mine sees a good organization.
I’m pretty detailed, I can not get things out, I always ¬†optimizing every single minute from the first page.
Unfortunately, often to be a colorist means to be affected by the incompetence (and delays) of those who preceded you in the production pipeline, so I got to use my knuckles even on annoying “last-minute rushes”.
For the rest, it’s all about flat, “multiply” shadows, “overlapping” lights, and small retouch.

6. where does your creativity come from?

I believe that, as every creator, the list of inspirations is tremendously long.
Let’s say that the strongest thrust comes from exotic cultures all over the world, especially the Balinese and Bhutanese cultures.
I love masks and I love the concept of shamanism. People who inspire my days there are many, but I’m a bit crazy, I let loathe to anyone if he knows how to sell me his ideas and style with a minimum of charisma … so it really does not take much.

7. Can you tell us about your new project?

“Red Painted” was born a few years ago with a lot of shyness as an idea for a competition I never attended.
I’ve always loved coloring comics, but I never had the courage to draw mine.
This year I decided to break this taboo by repeating an old idea, clearing it and giving it a real shape.

A story for children, an imaginative journey into the world of color and abstract. At the moment, the project is looking for an affectionate mentor who believes in him spiritually and economically, but some positive feedback gathered here and there makes me very hopeful.

8.  What would you like to do in the future?

I would like to make a living by doing this job without to give up on anything, do a vacation, have the heater always on during winter time, whether have breakfast at the coffee place every morning, shop at the market, or buy quality moist food every day  for my cats.
But by the way, do this job according to my rules and stimuli, without having to accept too many compromises.



Living happy with what I always wanted to do ūüôā