Interview with

Giuseppe Parisi

Matte Painter

Hello Giuseppe and welcome on board 🙂


1. Your first passion was photography. How did it start and what it represents for you?

Photography always remains my first passion and it is also for this reason that I continue to work as an advertising photographer along with matte paint.
It was a natural passion, I grew up between my father’s cameras, camcorders and films and among my mother’s drawings. Photography today represents not only an important part of my work but also my person.

Giuseppe Parisi


2. From photography to matte painting, tell us about it in your working life.

The transition was very simple, almost an evolution obvious for me.
I have always tried to improve my shots with digital retouching and I always imagined how my pictures would have been if I could bring other elements to the scene, change the hours of the day, move landscapes or create new ones.
It all started like this.

3. You work as a matte painter at EDI, one of the most renowned digital effects companies in Italy. Where does your role start and where does it end?

Digital Matte Painting is just one of the rings that builds the great chain of digital visual effects that are used in the film and advertising industry.
My role as Matte Painter starts already in the concept phase, when you digitally paint preparatory sketches for scenes that are complex or impossible to shoot in reality.
The work then continues in making those sketches photorealistic images or very often digitally extending the set of a shot with this technique.

4. What skills do you need to have to become a successful matte painter?

It is essential to have a strong foundation in the study and understanding of perspective and photography.
They follow a good hand in drawing and a profound knowledge of Photoshop.
If then you also have a smattering of compositing and 3D then the picture is complete.

5. One of your latest works was the latest episode of the “American Gods” series for Amazon Prime Video. Can you tell us something about this project?

It was a fun project to work on, I had to recreate various parts of an ancient pagan temple that was only partly set.
When you work on these big American productions everything is programmed down to the smallest detail and it is a real pleasure to be part of the Vfx crew.
In addition, working alongside EDI’s fantastic team of composers and 3D artists is always an honor, as they always make my work look cooler.

6. Given your experience in which sector is matte painting used more, today in Italy?

It is a technique used a lot in movies, but now advertising also makes extensive use of it.

7. An advice that has been given to you and which has proved to be fundamental in your work?




Thank you a lot for your time and good luck for your future projects 😉