1.  We know that your approach to 3D was when you made a video game for your graduation. What made you realize that this was just your way, your future? When did you decide to be a 3D artist?

I think that chance played a role in making me a 3D artist, I did not know that my decision during the graduation project will affect my career, I chose to design the 3D models because I didn’t want to be a programmer in the graduation project. When we started working on this project, I decided to take a training in Trixel Studios and it was so much fun to learn, then I had a great passion to apply what I learned, after the training course finished the graduation project was done that passion towards working in the field of 3D stayed within me.

2.  Which artists have influenced your art along the years?

There are a lot of artist that influenced me, I can’t mention all of them and I don’t want to any of them to be left out, but to me every creative artist is an inspiration to me and to others.

3. What is your biggest challenge when  you are working on a new job?

I think the big challenge is bringing it to life. I always try to find any issues in the image or try to change anything that will make the image better. It sounds like a technical challenge but it’s more of a creative and perfectionist dilemma as I have to maintain the same energy and enthusiasm over the course of the process.

4. You won the Middle East Talents Award in the category cars. Tell us about your winning piece.

Yes, I won two awards from Middle East Talents 2014 and 2015, on Ferrari Enzo then Rolls Royce, The idea came to me when I was watching movies like Death Race and Mad Max. This inspired me to start creating a similar concept, so I started with Maybach Exelero then Ferrari Enzo and finished with the Rolls Royce model. From the beginning, my goal was to create a distinguished model that would extend creatively into a realm of unconventional ideas, which led me to spend quite a bit of time thinking and trying to come up with such extreme and enhanced concepts, more than anything that I’ve ever seen.

5.  What do you like most about what you do?

Seeing all the crazy and imaginative ideas that I’m able to bring to life.

6. What inspires you creatively or where do you get the ideas for the creation of your works?

Anything unique and beautiful, everywhere: ads, movies, artworks and designs. I follow a considerable amount of amazing artists and designers do a lot of research and collect anything of relevance. Most importantly, I feel that being surrounded with creative people whether virtually or physically opens up an entire space for imagination, possibilities and creative thinking.

7.  If you could give 4 tips to those who want to learn this art, what would it be?

– If you want creativity and uniqueness in you works, pick an idea that’s beyond your abilities because you will always evaluate yourself in a negative and in a less realistic way. You will never learn or push your abilities further unless your go through a hard experience.

– One of the worse starting points after picking an idea is working without gathering enough references, leading to unrealistic or vague work, and you might reach dead ends because the idea in your imagination is incomplete. So that’s why you should put some effort into searching for references, pictures, other artists work, movies, and games that share a lot of your idea before working on your project. This will help you build a stronger, visualized idea, as well as making your goal clear during the process.

– Do not waste your time and your enthusiasm on details that will not appear in the final result, therefore you should prioritize the things that need more details than the things that will not appear as much in front of the camera – therefore will not need that level of detailing.

– It’s really hard to get a nice distinguished picture without using Photoshop, tweaking and adding some final touches – this was a really hard part for me because I’m not a professional user of Photoshop, which is why I use Magic Bullet Looks for these kind of things by using templates that include a lot of features in the composite and post-production process, as shown in the example.

8.  How do you see yourself in the future?

I think that the future from now on will be a journey with its ups and downs, but I what I wish for is to do more work, creativity and growth.