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Interview with Paolo Lamanna - Nuts Computer Graphics

Interview with

Paolo Lamanna

digital artist

Hi Paolo and thank you for the interview ūüôā


1.  Tell us about yourself, your work and your passion.

Hello Nuts ūüôā and thanks for your interest in my work!

I am a digital artist freelancer, I would say … It is about 20 years that I work as a creative freelance. My passions make me to pursue this career and to do this kind of work. Since I was young I have always loved to draw and try to put on paper everything that come to my mind, I invented stories, drew small comics..

The vision of the first Japanese cartoons definitely marked my “destiny”! I was totally struck by that universe, so dynamic, so incredible. The stories of Goldrake (Grendizer) and his successors impressed my imagination. I used to read Marvel comics, DC, Spiderman and Co. trying to reproduce those beautiful drawings with my pen! Comics have always been my first passion.

I attended the School of Comics in Milan and then I immediately started to work for various publishers.

I think I’m a lucky guy because my family always supported me and encouraged me to follow my passion.

Paolo Lamanna



2. When did you realize that the computer graphics could be your future?

When I started my career in computer graphics everything was “manual” (eh! eh!), tempera, acrylic etc … Then with colleagues experimented with digital to color a comic book. This technique was introduced (in the early 90s) by IMAGE Comics American publishing House founded by Jim Lee and Todd MCFARLANE!
Let’s say the first experiment here (Special ASMODEUS by an Italian Studios) wasn’t exactly encouraging. Over time things got better.
After a while I started to study the computer, to learn how to use Photoshop! there were no specific courses, no internet like today..just few magazines!
The desire to learn new things, to go farther!
I was working on this revolutionary tool (an old Mac !!)
I began to get close to the rudimentary 3D software and post production and I loved it!

3. You are a3D artist, colorist and illustrator. What is the role that you prefer and why?

I was born as pure cartoonist!
But you know.. things change along the way. Hard to say what I like the most. I know for sure that whatever is the role that I’m going to play I always do my best and I put all my experience and passion in the creation of a project! I am currently working in the field of video games and I must say I love it!!

4. Tell us about your workflow.

The workflow depends on the type of work that I do.

Daily the tools I use are Photoshop, Paint Clip Studio, Cinema 4D, ZBrush, After Effect and Unity!
This software package is all I need for my type of work. I think these softwares are the future for many creative people.

5. You worked for national and international advertising companies. Who is the best for you and why?

I can say except for a couple of situations, I have been quite lucky in my career. The companies that I work with are very serious and I’ve never had any particular problems.
What I noticed having also worked with foreign countries (France, Belgium and the US) it’s that compared to Italy other country¬† consider you more like an artist. They follow you, encourage you, make you feel comfortable.
Here in Italy unfortunately I rarely find this attitude. Clients call you when they need you. You do your job and no one says anything to you, they don’t make you part of the project.. Hardly the artists can express themselves fully, or feel “part of the team.”
But  this is part of my personal experience.

6. Recently you founded a new company, the Digital TRX. What does it mean to work for yourself?

Unfortunately the Digital TRX has already closed three years ago! I’m keeping open the Facebook page and the website (a friend of mine takes care of it, he is one of my former partner) but the company doesn’t exist anymore.

7.  It has been hard/difficult to realize this project?

It was very hard! in Italy it’s not easy to have a company, there is a lot of bureaucracy and many taxes to pay.
The Digital TRX was a small company (SS) and we were a team working on the Web.
Everybody had their own schedules and commitments and it wasn’t easy! To all this let’s add the fact that the Italian clients are always late with payments but we had to pay taxes and at the end after 3 years we were bankrupt! So no more company after that!

8.  What is your best creation that gave you better satisfaction?

This is one of those questions that is impossible to answer! Every work I’ve done gave me satisfactions! Recently I worked for six months with the staff of Forge Reply to create a video game and for me was a wonderful experience!
I think human contact was one thing that made me grow professionally a lot! to work with others is a nice experience, becouse I usually work at home.
I can say that the projects that give me more satisfactions are always personal works!
I would like to tell you about a recent collaboration: I had the opportunity and honor to color a work made by Claudio Castellini, the designer (of Marvel, DC, Bonelli) who has been the inspiration for my career since I started this job! basically my idol! a little dream come true, really!
I’m not talking about money but pure satisfaction, what you need to feel good and go on!

Intervista a Paolo Lamanna

9.  What do you prefere about your profession?

Another hard question !!! heheh!
Let’s say what fascinates me about this job is that I love to make “real” the ideas that come to mind!¬† tell stories through my drawings.
Today you can really create something unique and amazing! We can digitally sculpt a character and¬† “give it life”.
I think that combine¬† TECHNOLOGY and CREATIVITY ‘is something wonderful and the fact that it is constantly evolving make me very optimistic about the future!
That’s great!

10.  What inspires you?

A little bit of everything! I like literary genres, fantasy movie, horror movie, I love SCI-FI anime, I read comics, I love the giants robot and super heroes, I am an avid gamer.
Those worlds are created by  talented artists and I try to steal from them and learn more and more!

11. If you could go back, would you change anything?

If I could go back to one of those famous “crossroads” of life, I would try more firmly to be just a¬† cartoonist or maybe I would join some school specializing in vfx … hard to tell.
There are many things that I would like to change or improve! But I’m happy the way I am today! my job is great and I still feel privileged!

12.  What are your plan for the future?

The life of a freelancer can leave you much time to think about what to do, right now I let myself be carried by the flow  hoping as always to make the right choices!
The dream for the future is to create something on my own and be able to share it, or work in some beautiful production for videogame or movie! We’ll see! the most important thing is always to try to do something that we like and that allows us to realize ourselves and our passions !!!


Thank you for your time Paolo!

Thank you!