The artist we share with you today comes from Israel, is a 3D artist specialized in rigging, modeling and digital sculpture.

Itay loves visual storytelling and in his career he has collaborated for the realization of several projects in the field of digital animation, among which the last is a film of 2016 entitled Barbie: Dreamtopia, in which Itay worked as a modeler.

The software that this artist prefers are mainly Photoshop and After Effects of Adobe, Maya and Mudbox of the Autodesk house, TopoGun and the inevitable ZBrush, even if, by his own admission, he is attracted by the continuous knowledge of new tools.

Itay loves what he does and is always looking for new projects, even identifying and cultivating contacts with those who, like him, is part of the world of digital art and of 3D and animation in particular.

Currently working at 3DShook, but daily cultivates his personal projects, among which we mention the beautiful digital sculptures depicting some of the most famous characters of the animation of Disney  and his latest work, Batman The Animated Series, a series of sculptures representing the characters of the Batman saga, one of the most beloved superheroes of all time.

Itay Schlesinger