The artist of today is Ivan Nikodimovich and is a creative retoucher.

After graduating from high school, he decided to follow the artistic path that accompanied him since he was a child.

Then enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, attending the course of film set design.

In those years he decided to “hang on the nail” his electric guitar, move out from the bands in which he played, and devote himself to every artistic project that he could work on.

He begins to stand on the film sets of more or less large productions and includes different roles.

At that time he approached the world of photography. Although he attended a photography course at the Academy, he considers himself self-taught.

He tried to absorb as much knowledge as possible from all the people around him during set work.

The door to the B-side of photography, the transition from taking pictures to their post-production, opened when he started working with a photographer friend.

It was a necessary, pleasant and useful balance: the photographer took the picture, Ivan retouched. Embittered by the environment he found on set, he came even closer to the world of photography and decided to take a course in motion graphics.

This was the connection point between the video environment, which he already knew well, and that of the photographic post-production, which he was facing. From freelance he met the Studio Blu 2.0 studio.

A lifestyle photo studio born in the radiant ’80s of advertising, started by the photographer Giulio Buono and flourished today exploiting the talent of the photographer Giorgio Cravero.

He then collaborate with the studio on an ongoing basis to become part of the team, dealing with post-production. Stil-life, photography products, food & drink photography, ADV commercial are the main fields he works with.

Ivan Nikodimovich