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Jakub Javora Concept Artist - Nuts Computer Graphics

Jakub Javora is a young Czech artist specializing in concept art and matte painting.

The signs that distinguish him are certainly the great talent and the great passion he puts into everything he does, elements found in surprising technique, ingenious ideas, studied composition and the almost maniacal use of colors.

Even as a child he loved spending time using his father’s camera and even then he had clear ideas, he knew that in life he would certainly have done something in the visual arts.

He studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, always looking for innovative ideas and techniques that make him a contemporary artist.

In fact, he tried to deepen his knowledge in different fields, from 3D to compositing to matte painting, while recognizing his way in concept art.

After completing his studies he worked for a period of time as a matte painter at UPP, one of the largest and most renowned Visual Effects and post-production houses in Europe.

He has worked on projects such as 2012, Pandorum and The Pillars of the Earth and he currently works as a concept artist at Studio Volta.

Jakub Javora