Jakub Rozalski is a Polish-born digital painter, illustrator and concept artist born and raised in a small village surrounded by lakes, forests and rural landscapes.

We specify it because these elements are fundamental for the stylistic choice of this talented artist who loves to create unique atmospheres through storytelling, wanting to represent what are the everyday situations but placing them in unusual environments.

Jakub in fact, through his projects, tries to combine mythology and history, fantasy and reality, returning fantastic scenarios that tell something really experienced by ordinary people.

Born as a classical artist (to be clear, using palette and brushes) Jakub undertakes digital art successively, thus mixing “traditional” inspiration and “modern” techniques to create a combination of classical pictorial styles and modern designs to create really interesting concepts.

A striking example is represented by one of his most important projects, “1920+”, in which the artist wanted to tell a very important historical event, the battle of Warsaw and the Soviet-Polish war, assisting reality and science fiction as in his style. Lover of sober and discreet colors, he often builds static images.

His images depict primitive environments and wild creatures, accompanied by modern and sci-fi elements such as war machines or gigantic robots (often inspired by the war machines of the early twentieth century).

Inspired by artists  like Zdzisław Beksiński, Dan Seagrave, Isaak Il’ič Levitan and Józef Chelmonski, Jakub is certainly one of the most outstanding concept artists currently in circulation.


Jakub Rozalski