Jeroen Van Hoorebeke is a character artist native of Belgium.

After studying at Digital Arts and Entertainment and graduating with honors, he started his professional path as a 3D artist at Larian Studios, a Belgian agency which mainly deals with the development of role-playing video games.

After a few months of apprenticeship, he moved to Prague, where he began his prolific collaboration with 2K Czech, the biggest video games development studio in Central Europe, where he realized characters for titles such as Mafia III.

Jeroen’s professional skills in computer graphics are supported by solid technical foundations, but also by a great talent and passion for learning new instruments and pipelines.

These are the qualities that allowed him to take the role of senior character artist at Hangar 13, an American video game developer based in San Francisco, California.

His main specialties are sculpting, character modeling and character texturing and the attention to detail given by this amazing digital artist makes his creations absolutely astonishing.

Jeroen Van Hoorebeke