Born in Mantova in the 70s, since young age he loved drawing, sculpture and visual arts in general.

He decides to enroll at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, graduating in painting and starting a personal production of graphic, pictorial and sculptural works.

Known by the pseudonym of Kallamity, (name of a planet of The Five Star Stories, his favorite manga) Kallamity embodies in a totally harmonious way the synthesis between traditional art techniques with sci-fi world.

He began to produce some prototypes of his creatures, becoming today one of the most active representatives of the art of mecha design in the international market.

He loves the traditional design and the noise that the stylograph pen produces when the nib comes into contact with the sheet, but then he use Photoshop for coloring.

Over the years Kallamity has gained a series of crazy experiences, has created several artbooks for Design Studio Press, a US publisher, has a collaboration as Character and Senior Mecha Designer with DreamWorks Animation for Dinotrux and has worked for Wired Magazine, Oktobor Animation, Mango Entertainment and many others.

His mecha are conceived, designed, colored and finally 3D printed exclusively by himself, Kallamity personally takes care of every phase of the creation of his creatures and the result is really explosive.