Kekai Kotaki is an illustrator and concept artist born and raised on the hawayan Big Island.

He shows his interest in graphic arts since he was a child.

His won his first prize when he was still in kindergarten (his first book on dinosaurs for an artistic competition for children ?) and realized that there was a strong affinity between him and art.

For this reason he always tried to cultivate his passion, taking lessons whenever he could and always brought with him an album where he could draw everything that inspired him.

He also loved comics, fantasy books and playing video games.

For this reason, once he grew up, he moved to Seattle where he attended the course of artistic studies at the Art Institute, and where he graduated, specializing in Animation and Design.

After graduation he started to work in a radio station but during his spare time he used to draw.

It was at this time that Kekai began to perform his freelance work, thus entering the digital art market.

At this point a call from a gamehouse, ArenaNet, engages him first as a texure artist and then gives him the opportunity to get involved as a concept artist for one of the their best videogames, “Guild Wars 2”.

Since then he collaborated with companies such as Bungie, National Geographic, Wizards of the Coast, Tor Books, Blur, DC Comics and Valiant Entertainment. His artistic influences are different and varied, from  Frenk Franzetta, Yoshitaka Amano, Justin Sweet, Vance Kovacs, to Craig Mullins.

Enjoy ?

Kekai Kotaki