Krishnamurti Martins Costa, aka Antropus, is an artist born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He begins his relationship with art at the age of 4, when he begins to occupy his time by drawing.

He discovered the world of Computer Graphics around the age of 16 and shortly after he bought his first computer, an Amiga 500, with which he took his first steps in this area using mainly 2D software. A few years later the first PC arrives, thanks to which he can finally deal with the world of 3D.

Having always cultivated a strong interest in painting, sculpture and the world of traditional art in general decides to graduate in Fine Arts at the University of Brasilia.

In the meantime, he works as a clerk in a local bank and here he begins to produce illustrations for the marketing department, developing the visual identity for the bank’s internal television channel.

Having recognized at this point what was his true path, he finally left the job as an employee to devote himself exclusively to Computer Graphics.

Together with four other friends he began working on his first project  O Lobisomem e o Coronel, an independent short film that allowed him to win numerous prizes, including Animamundi 2002, one of the biggest animation festivals in South America.

At this point the real career begins; he is hired as an animator at the MisterGrafix where he makes his first professional experience.

Aware of his talent, he started publishing his works on various websites and forums in the sector and, to his great surprise, he received considerable success.

Thanks to this he began to receive requests for collaboration from all over the world, choosing to move to California, a land of great dreams and great possibilities in this industry, and working as a character animator for an animated film project. Currently Kris is Creature Modeling Lead at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM).

Over the years he has specialized in the digital modeling of organic surfaces, dealing with modeling, texturing and of course animation. Among his most famous works we can recognize the film Warcraft, where he collaborated for the realization of the characters Draka and Caged FrostWolf (for both he took care of the modeling of the body and the face); Transformers: Age of Extincion, in which he was responsible for the modeling of Lockdown’s head, the “villain” of the film and the modeling of the body panels of Grimlock, leader of the Dinobots, as well as other interventions; The Avengers, in which he made some details of the character Hulk and Captain America, creating for the latter a small library of facial expressions of the hero used during the action scenes. The tools with which he prefers to work are ZBrush, Maya, VRay and Photoshop.

Krishnamurti M. Costa