Kyle Lambert is an Illustrator with a unique and distinctive style.

His works, although filled with fantastic elements and marked by an old-fashioned look, also contain purely realistic elements: combined together, they form that kind of illustrative hybrid that made Kyle so popular.

After the university, he began promoting his works online, by publishing some painting videos on YouTube: they were soon noticed by companies such as Apple and Adobe, who hired him to collaborate on several promotional videos.

From that moment on, Kyle acted with  awareness and determination to build his artistic career in that direction, specializing as a professional illustrator for advertisement and entertainment industries.

The real breakthrough came in 2011, when he realized a poster for the Super 8 movie, with a retro feel that reminded classical movie posters from the ’80s.

Just a few years later the Netflix team, impressed by his use of colour and detailed analysis and realization of the composition, chose him as the illustrator for the posters of the now-iconic Stranger Things series.

Today Kyle works for some of the best known brands in the world, among which we remember Disney, Marvel, Paramount Studios, Sony Pictures and Universal Studios.

He has also realized illustrations for The Blacklist and Timeless, and created the cover for the latest Muse record, Simulation Theory.

Kyle Lambert