Laurel is a concept artist and illustrator engaged in the videogames industry.

Born in Canada, Laurel says that since she was a child she always had the belief that she would be an artist, she did not know what kind of artist she would have become, but intuition suggested her since the early years that her future could not be others than that.

She remained in North America until the end of her studies (degree at NSCAD, the Art and Design College of Nova Scotia) and then moved to England, where she was still very young at Splash Damage, an independent video game company.

Here, despite not being very rife on the world of weapons, collaborates in the creation of BRINK, a videogame published for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

This was a very positive experience for Laurel, having the opportunity to play a role very important in the development of this title.

After gravitating for a long time in the concept art, Laurel began to dedicate herself to illustration.

In fact, despite being always passionate about conceptual art, her interest evolves over time, addressing what is narration through images.

The illustrations for Laurel are the best and fun way to convey a feeling to the audience; no matter what kind of feeling, the important thing is that the viewer has an emotion. Among his many illustrations we mention those made for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.

His winning move was to move to Southern California, where he makes perhaps his biggest dream, to work for Blizzard, the most famous video game company in the world, where she is still working. ?

Laurel D. Austin