It was not easy to find information on this artist, but seeing what are his creations we could not help but present and publish him. Leslie is a Senior 3D Character Artist currently employed at Blizzard Enterteinement.

His professional career was relatively fast, managing to reach his current job position thanks to his determination and tenacity.

In 2010 Leslie decides to make her first real portfolio and then publish it online; this because he needed a feedback from the artistic community of the web with respect to his skills as a character artist.

He had clear in mind what would be his way into the world of work and the judgment of professionals did not scare him, instead… In search of a trainee position with some gamestudios he starts at the “Larian Studio”, a Belgian independent production company that develops role-playing games, working as 3D Artist.

A few years later he moved to the United States and try to make a dream come true: working for Blizzard Enterteinement, one of the leading videogame production companies together with Ubisoft. Among his spectacular works must be mentioned absolutely his Disney characters; In fact, Leslie managed to amaze the whole ZBrush community by proposing a character every day, managing to grab a niche of course in the ZBrush gallery.

In addition to the great creative talent Leslie would also seem to have an innate ability to use software. In fact, he is one of the artists present in “Vertex 2”, a free e-book full of tips, tutorials and information ranging from modeling and texture workflows to tips and tricks of various freelancers in the film and videogame industry.

He also made a series of tutorials on his personal character creation workflow in ZBrush and on the stylized texturing workflow using DDO (software used to create textures and normal maps) and 3DO (a PBR model and material pre-visualization) .

Another great artist able to surprise and inspire us!

Leslie Van den Broeck