The artist we introduce today is Lie Setiawan, Concept Artist and Illustrator born in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Lie is self-taught, having studied completely by himself the world of 2D art, and later focussed his interest on concept art, illustration and digital painting, fields where today he is definitely one of the representatives with the best visual impact.

His first professional experience dates back to almost ten years ago: having briefly worked in game development, he then devoted himself exclusively to his freelance career.

Since 2014 he has created works both on individual commission and for several studios or agencies, including Blizzard Entertainment, FTX Games, Games workshop, Paizo Publishing and Wizard of the Coast, among the others.

As well as having an innate ability to create dinamic and detailed images, Lie nurtures his passion with consistency and great responsibility, enthusiastically leaping into every new challenge with the aim of absorbing all the knowledge that the world of digital art can offer.

Lie Setiawan