Happy Birthday

Lin Zhang is a 3D Artist based in Shanghai. In order to realize these magnificent 3D images, the artist has been inspired by memories of his childhood, recalling the emotions that each time aroused his birthday celebrations.

To do this, Lin is inspired by American and Japanese comics,referring to extraordinary and exaggerated expressions, trying to achieve a credible image at the same time.

All the models were made in Maya and Zbrush, the lighting was perfectly created with V-Ray, hair was made using the plug-in Hairtrix (Ornatrix) in 3ds Max (a plug-in not only very powerful but Nache very easy to control).

The artist did not perform layer rendering but did all the elements have been rendered once (since he preferred to perform multiple tests in the previous phases) and the advantage of this choice is that the final effect is very uniform and accurate.

Finally, to complete the work Photoshop has been used for the latest tonal adjustments that has improved the overall quality of the final image. That’s why Kid, the little trouble maker, is the protagonist of his Happy Birthday, brings so much happiness and fun not just to his parents, but a bit also to us 😉

Lin Zhang