Born and raised in Netherlands, Lois Van Baarle, aka Loish, is a freelance concept artist, illustrator and animator.

Loish started to draw since the day she was able to hold a pencil in her hands, but she came to digital design at the age of about 18 years.

After completing high school she moved to Ghent, Belgium, where she remained a year and where began to study animation.

From here she returns to her native country and concludes her studies at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU), an outstanding art school that stands out for higher education in the arts and the media and is a driving force in education and innovation for the creative industry.

Her career is based on two distinct sides; concept art on one hand and animation on the other.

If her study of animation followed a formal path, on the other hand the study of concept art and illustration took place by self-taught.

It is precisely this path that leads her to create works that are the result of a combination of skills and that are a hallmark of her style.

She worked for Blizzard, Guerrilla Games, Lego and Pigmental Studios just to name a few.

Loish also shares some tips on his work, as well as brushes, textures and much more.

Lois Van Baarle aka Loish