Luca Pisanu was born in Piedmont, Italy, about thirty years ago.

He approached the arts of drawing and illustration as he still was a little boy, with the help of his father, who is a well known and talented illustrator.

Supported by his family, who immediately recognized his predisposition towards art and creativity, he kept cultivating his passion, knowing he would have a bright professional future in that world.

While attending high school, he began learning the basics of computer graphics, using softwares such as Photoshop, Flash and the first 3D softwares available at the time.

In the same period he had the chance to meet one of the most famous Disney‘s artists, Alessandro Barbucci, who led him in the right direction for his artistic and personal growth.

That’s why, alongside drawing and graphic design, he followed his interest for movies and videogames as well.

Motivated to find new ways to improve his art, he enrolled in the Animation and Art Academy in Florence, where he discovered a new world and began learning new animation and 3D techniques, which allowed him to unleash his imagination.

After graduating at the Academy, he moved in London for a while, where he gained enough experience to get his own career going for good.

Luca hasn’t stopped since: he has collaborated with Agencies such as Ideal Comunicazione, Leo Burnett, Factory311, Corridor Digital, Player Piano, Lindsey Stirling.

A few years ago he moved to Los Angeles, where he worked for companies such as Disney, Insomniac Games and Dreamworks Animation

Luca Pisanu