This amazing 3D Artist was born in a little town near Caserta, Italy, in 1973.

He grew interested in computer graphics while studying as a surveyor in high school, when he started approaching Autocad, which led him to research and discover the so-called third dimension.

After his graduation, for a few years he devoted himself almost exclusively to studying 3D, using softwares such as 3D Studio Max, at first, and then later Lightwave 3D.

At that time Marco had began to collaborate with small engineering and architectural firms but, willing to push himself even further, he started experimenting 3D graphics as an artistic medium to represent the world around him.

He worked for a few years in television and advertising industries, then later he flew to New Zealand, looking for more exciting creative opportunities.

The breakthrough in his career happened when he joined Weta Digital, where he began his path into the cinema industry: at first working for the remake of King Kong, later for James Cameron’s masterpiece Avatar.

After Weta Digital, Marco worked for some of the biggest international studios as a 3D Generalist: Double Negative, then Digital Domain and finally the company he always dreamed of working for, George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic, where he created Tarkin’s and Leia’s digital portraits for Star Wars: Rogue One.

Marco Di Lucca