Martin Deschambault, better known as  Deschambo is a very excellent Canadian Concept Artist.

His greatest passion has always been drawing, which over the years has become a passion for special effects.

He studied Industrial Design at the University of Montreal and after a period of time dedicated to the design industry decides to devote himself completely to the world of videogames.

Featuring in one of the largest and most renowned video game producers, Ubisoft, was involved in major projects such as Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. One of the flagships of Martin’s career is also his participation as a Senior Concept Artist creating another very special video game, WET, which helped him to engage with many other talented artists like him.

At Ubisoft he continued to work on several projects, in particular on the series of one of the best-loved videogames ever: Assassin’s Creed.

What we think makes Deschambo a great artist is his passion for his work, and because of that he is now able to show us new fantastic worlds where it is easy to get lost.

Martin Deschambault