An award-winning 3D Artist, with over thirty years of experience in the field, Massimo Righi is a Digital Artist with many specializations in Computer Graphics.

His strength lie in modelling, texturing, grooming, rigging and animation as well.

Born in Italy in 1972, he currently lives in Thailand, together with his wife Silvia Puliè who, like him, is an artist.

Since he was a child, Massimo has always loved visual art, but he made his actual entry into this world in 2000, when he decided to sell the library he used to manage, to begin his current professional career.

He has built his own training as a self-taught and, due to the lack of digital resources, he started out by reading magazines and studying 2D and 3D softwares.

His inspiration comes to life through a variety of different art forms, from music to design, but also photography, which is his main reference point when he needs to model or texture.

In recent years Massimo has been involved in several collaborations on CG projects and boasts international clients such as Volkswagen, Siemens, Discovery Channel, American Animation Company, Enigma-Games and many more.

Massimo Righi