Originally from a small Belgian town, Matthias has always dreamed of becoming an artist.

Start with the concept art but shortly discover the world of 3D and find it so interesting to devote himself completely to this sector.

After a brief experience in an unsatisfactory digital art institute, he began to focus on videogames art, inspired from his talented fellow citizens such as Laurens Corijn and Tor Frick.

From Laurens and Tor he tries to capture the artistic aspect of their works trying at the same time to find his own unique style, that can give his works an exclusive and original imprint.

Over time, he specialized in the production of vehicles of all types and mechanical details, coming up to play the role of Senior 3D artist for MachineGames, a Swedish videogames developer known for the production of the Wolfenstein series.

He uses different software including Modo, 3ds Max, Substance Painter, Photoshop and KeyShot, trying to integrate them in his personal pipeline. In short, whatever tool Matthias uses in his work still manages to always achieve extraordinary results.

Matthias Develtere