Mauro Mason is a motion designer, born in Mestre (near Venice) and happily living in Reggio Emilia (Italy).

Always interested in drawing, he ended up attending a comic book course for 2 years; after that he collaborated, at Fabrica, at one of the pioneering attempts to create digital comic books animated by Flash.

He remained there for more than 2 years, working with other artists to his first motion design works, exported directly by Macromedia tool. Then he worked as Flash animator for some web agencies, starting to move from web design to follow market evolutions.

He kept on animation and illustration as hobbies, and he launched a tumblr where he published original designs for t-shirts (

In 2015, attended an After Effects workshop at Big Rock that made him fell in love with it: he realized that web design did not suit him anymore and he launched himself into a series of personal projects in which he combined digital illustration and the care for design learned from web design.

At the end of 2017, he has started his freelance adventure: he represents himself as an astronaut, because he lives this experience as a continuous discovery of new expressive worlds and he is working on projects ranging from the music video for Raiders of the Last ARP (member of Distant Future collective) to the animation of Mitsubishi commercial tv for the Kube Libre agency, through collaborations with other video and communication studios.

In his projects, he tries to infuse something that personalizes them, exploring method variations and styles, with the result to accumulate different experiences and to go beyond his own creativity limits.

Mauro Mason