Max Grecke is a Swedish digital artist, born and raised in the city of Kalmar, in south-eastern Sweden.

He start drawing as a child, at first with traditional techniques and later with digital during high school years.

The career of this artist began when, in 2012, publish his illustration works on Instagram, receiving very positive feedback that led him to achive better results.

From here he receive contacts and collaborations from companies in the field, making projects for comics books, advertising campaigns, board games and videogames.

Max is now a specialist in Illustration, Character Design and Visual Development Fantasy and works as a freelancer. Bringing out new characters, or proposing a creative reinterpretation according to his style, is what he loves to do more.

His creativity and the perfection of his technique have led him to collaborate with companies all over the world, including Volta, Hasbro, Blizzard and Riot Games.

He also made an artbook titled Shapes and a series of illustrations called Headshot.

Max Grecke