Max is a 3D artist who has revolutionized his life by succeeding in doing what he has always dreamed of. Born and raised in the province of Milan, he has always had a passion for drawing and an artistic inspiration that he felt growing day by day.

At the end of high school follows a course of industrial design at the IED in Milan that allows him to combine at the same time his need for artistic expression with a strong and solid training to spend in the world of work.

In fact, he started shortly thereafter to work in an architectural studio until, after a trip to the land of the Rising Sun, he decided that his future would be there, in Japan.

After a first period of settling, he found a job in a small architectural firm but soon started working in a CG studio.

Hence his passion and his professionalism grow to explode, creating characters for projects such as Dark Souls III, Resident Evil Damnation and Super Smash Brothers.

He is currently Creative / Art Director of his Studio GUFFAW, with whom he has made dozens of characters for Metal Gear Survive, the latest videogame developed and distributed by Konami, one of the most popular video game design and development companies in the world.

Fender supporter and ulitizer of Blender, Max also boasts a collaboration with the great master Miyazaki.

Enjoy 😊

Max Puliero