Mingchen Shen is a young and very talented Graphic Novel Artist, born in 1990 in California, United States, popular for his drawings of fantasy characters.

After attending the Mission San Jose High School, in 2014 he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Art and Computer Science at the University of California, in Santa Barbara.

Already during his studies, though, he had started his career, first as an Illustrator and then as Art Director at the independent, student-run newspaper Daily Nexus.

Then he was hired as Junior Designer by the merchant account provider PayJunction, to create illustrations, animations, designs and photorealistic product shots for marketing and commercial purposes.

From 2015, Mingchen was Lead Artist for two years at Treadwater LLC, where he dealt with graphic novel illustration, promotional artwork and previz illustration.

He is currently Art Director at Tyler West Studios, a concept art and visual development house based in Pasadena, California, besides working as a freelance Illustrator, Visual Developer and Graphic Designer for several international clients.

Mingchen Shen