We are proud to have an amazing Italian artist here.

Mirko is a Digital Artist specialized in Illustration and Concept Art.

He begins young and full of talent by attending the School of Comics in Milan, but he eventually chooses to follow what his true passion in life: videogames.

He then studies Digital Painting, self-taught, and starts his career as a freelance.

As a recognition for his artistic abilities he was selected for the Spectrum Fantastic Art 23, with a nomination in the top 5 for the Concept Art category.

Currently he’s working as freelance concept artist and illustrator for videogames, board games and more.

He’s teaching Digital Painting at Genius Academy in Rome and he’s also one of the founder of KAI, Koncept Art Italia, the most important Italian online community for Concept Art professionals and students.
An Italian talent to be proud of!


Interview with Mirko Failoni author and illustrator of Historia.

Mirko Failoni

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