Mirko is a cartoonist and illustrator from Turin born with the talent for drawing.

He started reproducing the drawings of Giorgio Cavazzano (one of the main authors of the stories of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck for Disney Italy) and then move on to the superheroes and finally arrive at his unpublished characters.

He first studied at the Pictor Academy, then attended the International School of Comics, where he was able to acquire the right awareness to achieve what he has always wanted to be a cartoonist.

Mirko has created characters and illustrations both for advertising agencies and for independent videogames and has collaborated with Vittorio Pavesio Production and with ManFont. He made his own personal Artbook entitled Rock’n’Art, a collection of his best illustrations and his is the mind that created Jack Zoso, an irreverent and unconventional character, a sort of superhero neither super nor hero 😊

Some of his works speak of very current social themes; Mirko is in fact a fervent supporter of the idea that art should be a vehicle for social communication, as well as personal.

He also realizes many Fan Art using what is his personal style, which the artist himself defines as “grotesque”.

Mirko Fascella