Ju Yong Lee, aka Mr. Misang, is a digital artist who lives and works in Seoul, South Korea.

He began drawing as a child, acquiring great skills in the art of comics by attending high school and then specializing in design of the communication.

He started soon to draw comics, animated graphics and illustrations, participating in many online communities, which help him a lot with his professional career.

His works rappresents mainly our society, in his illustrations Mr. Misang clearly expresses what he thinks about modern life. The meaning of his alias (Misang, in Korean, means anonymous) wants to make people reflect on their condition in the large urban areas; people who lose their individuality to get confused in the crowd, becoming anonymous, homologated.

Among his most successful and well-known projects are Modern Life Is Rubbish, which shows the artist’s vision related to work and daily life, and Supersize Them (in collaboration with Álvaro Palma), a sort of protest to the great multinational fast food companies and Modern Life is Theme Park, the latest project involving work, politics, the distorted ego and the sex industry, as attractions of a large theme park.

Mr Misang