Ajay Viknesh


I was born in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India in 1998. I’m a Lighting Artist.

At first, I really struggled to Choose my Career. I’m interested in drawings and arts. Then I decided VFX is the field that Suitable for me.

I don’t have proper chances to undertake special training courses in this field. I spend all of my free time to studying tutorials from online myself.

My friends help a lot to learn in this field. Also, I don’t have a Heavey Specified System. I used my quad-core system to do this project.

I studied Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Madura college. At the same time, I did my Diploma Course in Visual Media and Communication in KVT Professional Education.

Then I planned to Work on my showreel. After that, I published my works on Social media. Now I’m working on JPG Studios as a 3D artist.

I want to improve my skills to the next level. Interested in Foreign opportunities.

StillLife: I was inspired by Still Life Photography. I took lots of references and decide to make an Art. I used Autodesk Maya 2017 for Modeling & Unwrapping UV’s and export to substance painter for Texturing. I used the low-poly model to baking in SubstancePainter. Then I export the textures from SubstancePainter. I used AiStandardSurface Shader for Shading. Rendered using ARNOLD RENDERER and Composited in Foundry Nuke. It took approximately a month to complete me this Image.

The Frog: I want to make an Art that challenging my skills. I mainly focused on SubSurfaceScattering in this project. I used Autodesk Maya 2017 to model the base mesh of the Frog, Snail, and Bug. Then I used Pixologic ZBrush for the Highpoly details. Also used Allegorithmic SubstancePainter for Texturing. I used the high-poly model to bake on low-poly in SubstancePainter. I Want to render Using V-Ray Renderer. I used Vray Material, Vray Blend Material, and Vray FastSSS for Shading and also I used Vray Proxy to import My high-poly mesh. Finally Composited by using Foundry Nuke.

HulkBuster: I’m a big fan of Ironman and also prove my skill in VFX, I decided to make HulkBuster. I download the model for the Internet. And I Unwrap the UVs by myself and textured by using Allegorithmic SubstancePainter. I used SubstancePainter for details in the Model and Export is as Normal map used in Maya. This is also rendered in V-Ray Renderer. Used Vray Material, VrayBlend Material and Vray CarPaint Material for Shading. Finally Composited by using Foundry Nuke.

Car: In the way of Live Action Interaction, I tried to Match the 3D car with the Background and Environment. I used Autodesk Maya for Modeling the Car and I used Mentalray Shaders such as Mia Material and MIP Production shaders for Shading. Rendered using MentalRay Renderer and Foundry Nuke is used for Compositing.


Work Time: months

Title: Showreel

Category: VFX

Country: India